• Art conveys complex issues in a simple and compelling way. Usually, art is associated with painting, music or literature. However, there is also the art of mathematics, a prime example being Einstein’s famous formula E = mc2, the equivalence between mass and energy.
    At Qantares we regard ourselves as mathematical artists, bringing clarity to the complexity of global financial markets.
    A New Realm in Quantitative Finance
    1. Any attempt to model market behaviour suffers from limitations inherent to the model.
    2. Rather than modelling market behaviour we let the data speak for itself and continuously adapt our analytic approach accordingly.
    3. Following this approach we discover hidden market patterns, derive trading signals of outstanding quality and minimise risk.

    Since the formation of markets, investors have worked to optimise trading results through a broad variety of advanced mathematical and statistical methods.

    Such methods to forecast market futures have seen varied results, with the very best delivering close to 52% forecast accuracy. Compared with a simple coin-toss, which in the long run produces a hit-rate of 50%, such advanced prediction systems appear to be only slightly ahead, but the profits they generate are vast and often mind-blowing.

    Consider a classical roulette wheel (with one zero) where the probability of being right with a simple bet (e.g. red vs. black) is 48.65%, granting the house a marginal ‘hit-rate’ of 51.35%, from which the casino is able to make considerable profits.

    In order to enhance current technology and achieve truly outstanding trading results, a paradigm shift is needed, and this comes with an entirely new approach to understanding market data. QanSYSTEM is such an approach.

    Nikola Tesla said:

    • ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

    Adapting this quote to our situation, Qantares is saying:

    • ‘If you want to find the secrets of markets, think in terms of data, frequency and analysis.’
  • Client benefits and application areas

    • Optimised risk/reward ratio for your portfolio
    • Higher confidence in your trading decisions
    • Individually tailored strategies can be developed and implemented
  • Who is Qantares for?


    • Asset Management Companies
    • Pension Funds
    • Insurance Companies
    • Private Investment Trusts
    • Family Offices, including high net worth clients
    • Investment Banking (Front Office, Trading & Sales)
    • Corporate Banking
    • Treasury Departments of International Corporations

    • Fund Management (long / short strategies, option strategies, etc.)
    • Proprietary trading
    • Liquidity Management (simple and risk-averse intraday strategies as an alternative to traditional money market concepts)
    • Risk Management Services
    • Options Trading Desk (based on alternative option prices)
    • Options, FX and Risk Overlay