Our Team

Qantares is managed by a team of industry statisticians and market professionals, with staff being based across the globe including Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Zürich.

Management Board:

Dr John Henstridge is Managing Director of Qantares Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia. John Henstridge

  • Founder (in 1988) and CEO of Data Analysis Australia, the largest statistical mathematical consulting firm in Australia
  • Adjunct Professor of Statistics at the University of Western Australia in Perth
  • Past National President of the Statistical Society of Australia
  • Fellow and Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Accredited Statistician of the Statistical Society of Australia
  • Past President of the Geostatistical Association of Australasia
  • Time series and computational statistics specialist

Prof Jens Breckling is Managing Director of Qantares Deutschland GmbH. jens_breckling

  • Founder of the theory of directional time series
  • Development of a highly disaggregated General Equilibrium Model of the European Union (1985-1988)
  • Co-developer of the original concept of ‘Value-at-Risk’ (VaR) in 1989.
  • Quantitative trading & strategy support for the fixed income trading desk at Capel Court (later to become part of ANZ Bank) (1989-1990) and Deutsche Bank (1990-1995)
  • Design, implementation and management of a bankwide Investment Database for Deutsche Bank, containing all relevant financial information such as historical security prices
  • Development of an encompassing financial instrument management system for Deutsche Börse and Wertpapier Mitteilungen in Frankfurt
  • Former Managing Director of Insiders GmbH, and founder of Insiders Information Management (1998) and Insiders Financial Solutions (1999)

Andreas Orlovius is Managing Director of Qantares Deutschland GmbH.Andreas Orolvius

  • M.Sc. Engineering
  • Certified Portfolio Advisor
  • Self-employed Investment Consultant and Financial Planner for Deutsche Bank, comdirect bank, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank, Grüner Fisher Investments and others for 15 years
  • Founder (in 2008) and Managing Director of PGI GmbH, quantitative analysis of financial markets based on real-time screening  of growth processes
  • Development of rule-based trading systems and trading of financial instruments based on highly profitable trading strategies
  • Parallel real-time screening of up to 1000 titles on several time scales (e.g. days, minutes, seconds)
  • PGI software tool sold in 2012 to Qantares
  • Comprehensive trading experience for over 25 years


Craig Tamlin is a board member of Qantares Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia.Craig Tamlin

  • 25-year trader and investor across a board portfolio of market instruments
  • CEO, Managing Director and General Manager of a range of data- and information-centric businesses over his career
  • Project director and information technology advisor for Qantares


Iain Macleod is Company Secretary of Qantares Pty Ltd, is based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.Iain Macleod

  • B.E. in Electrical Engineering (UNSW), PhD in Signal Processing (ANU)
  • Successful long-term investor in property and equities (qualified as Wholesale/Professional investor)
  • Certified Financial Adviser
  • Has worked in Industry (Plessey Pacific, 5 years), Academia (ANU, 30 years) and Public Service (Australian Department of Defence, 19 years).
  • Has published more than 170 scientific papers, holder of 7 patents
  • Co-founder of Canberra Scientific Instruments


Dr Stefan FlachDr Stefan Flach is Legal Counsel and is responsible for Investor Relationship for Qantares.

  • Master in Economic, Bar Exam, In-hose Lawyer
  • Certified Portfolio Advisor, Certified Pension Advisor
  • Experience in sales and marketing of financial products, trading, sales and risk management for many decades