Opportunities for Taking Advantage of the Market
Today, hedge funds make up just under 9% of the total investment market. But these 10,000-or-so funds are the fastest growing investment segment worldwide today. Not only are they growing, they are evolving; placing an ever increasing emphasis on quantitative procedures.

Usually one distinguishes between the following hedge fund strategies:

  • Long/short (directional)
  • Market neutral
  • Relative value (arbitrage)
  • Event-driven
  • Global/macro
  • and multiples of the above working together.

Of these, Qantares’┬ástrategies cover ‘long / short (directional)’, ‘relative value (arbitrage)’ and ‘market-neutral’. In addition and as mentioned above, Qantares offers arbitrarily complex and sophisticated derivative strategies. Of course, all these open up the ‘multi-strategies’ segment as well, i.e. with QanSystem Qantares occupies almost all fields, except where additional macro or micro considerations come into play.

Furthermore, many traditional software tools that aim at managing risk do so with limited scope and often less than ideal results. This is also an area where QanSystem has a distinct advantage, projecting both the size and frequency of major market moves with a high degree of accuracy.

In a nutshell, Qantares with its QanSystem system is in a strong position to capture a decent part of this changing market, not to mention that it also benefits from a growing market.