Overcoming Market Challenges

For years, traders, looking to optimise returns, have been impacted by events often outside their control:

  • Recent years have been characterised by the GFC with severe sovereign and corporate debt problems.
  • Institutional investors are challenged to achieve positive returns with low investment risks.
  • Low or negative interest rates prevail in many markets.
  • Pension funds and insurers often can no longer generate the necessary income to service their contractual obligations.
  • Rather than allowing market forces to establish a new equilibrium, political interests prevail.
  • Thus, the danger of a hyper-inflationary as well as a severe deflationary environment is looming.
  • Given this, an assessment of financial market developments is extremely difficult.

All these situations necessitate the use of reliable forecast devices and sophisticated risk management.

QanSystem has been proven to be highly reliable in its ability to predict future market developments and addresses all of the market challenges outlined above.

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