Using advanced and proprietary statistical techniques developed and tested over a period of 20 years, Qantares has found that it is possible to examine market data for underlying patterns of behaviour and to use these to identify profitable trading opportunities. The mathematical tools used to interpret market data have enabled Qantares to react robustly to such market extremes as the global financial crisis and other “Black Swan” events.

Qantares’ algorithms capture the expression of complex market forces much like an artist depicts our world in a way that evokes an emotional or cognitive response.

Qantares’ flagship product, QanSystem, is our software platform that produces short term trading signals, along with a probability distribution, every quarter of an hour. Its results and comparative approaches are discussed here.

QanSystem has achieved remarkable results during some of the most tumultuous market events. Our QanSystem Chronicles section discloses full results and market conditions during several important world economic events.