Qantares’ approach to market investment differs from many others due to QanSystem’s ability to clearly distinguish between forecast and strategy.

For every 15-minute timestamp, QanSystem generates a single cumulative distribution function CDF (per market); and from this CDF numerous risk / reward profiles are derived. These are then compared with the client’s profile before deciding on execution. For example:

  • Client A is looking for minimal risk QanSystem’s level of confidence has to be very high.
  • Client B is looking for high performance QanSystem’s level of confidence is allowed to be lower.

A major focus of Qantares is to translate these risk/reward profiles into a fund structure. Though Qantares provides trading signals as such, should a client wish to produce their own strategy that is tailored towards their specific objectives, this can be easily accommodated through the QanSystem system. QanSystem would be configured accordingly and deployed as an automated algorithm.

As such, Qantares provides three levels of service:

  1. Advisory – Qantares advises asset managers regarding their trade decisions.
  2. Sale of Signals – for clients who would like to receive (individually tailored) trading signals in real time, but make all trade decisions themselves.
  3. Joint Venture Solutions on the basis of a company founded specifically for this purpose – as for Sale of Signals, but with the added service of customising the trade parameters, designing a special purpose fund and executing the trades for the investor.