Joint Venture Solutions

Qantares offers clients who want to optimise their assets, but do not want their funds to be mixed with third-party capital, to manage the assets through a joint venture solution.

In the same way that we offer trading signals for purchase, clients can commission Qantares to develop an individual strategy for them that is specifically tailored to their requirements.

For strategy customisation, the following factors, among others, are available to be configured:

  • Leverage
  • Trade rate (max. number of trades per week)
  • Stop-loss conditions
  • Target price conditions
  • Cash management

Our clients decide how the strategy modules described above are to be combined such that the risk / return profile meets their individual requirements. The resulting strategy is then validated and the API to the company’s trading account is implemented.

On the basis of the joint venture company founded specifically for this purpose, Qantares would be responsible for controlling and processing the transactions to be executed, always referring to the customised trading strategy.

Should you wish Qantares to develop such a special purpose trading fund, click here.