Sale of Signals

Buy and sell signals can be obtained directly from Qantares. This gives clients complete control over trading decisions and results (money management, risk management, etc.). The process is as follows:

  • Qantares produces trading signals on a regular basis every 15 minutes (buy / sell / neutral).
  • Signals can be sent via an application programming interface (API) to our clients’ own trading systems. Alternatively, these signals are available via an online login to the clients’ own QanSystem web dashboard (see example below).

The graphic above shows an example of signals for a selected strategy for the period from 28 Dec 2016 9am to 5 Jan 2017 5:30pm.

Bullish, bearish and neutral signals are marked green, red and yellow, respectively, while grey depicts a missing value, which in this case is due to year end market closure at 2:15pm 30 Dec 2016.

As can be seen, there were a lot of bullish trading signals on 28-29 December at around the 11,460 DAX level, with each of them suggesting the purchase of a long DAX futures contract. Given the 5-trading-day forecast horizon, these positions were to be closed on 4-5 January, when the DAX was hovering around the 11,570 mark. Observing a leverage constraint of 2, this would have resulted in a profit of around 2% in a single week.

Should you wish to gain access to QanSystem’s signals through an API or web interface, click here.